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MLPhotoAlbum plugin is a Photo viewing application for use with the MainLobby 3 Suite.

MLPhotoAlbum is currently in Beta development phase.
[About Beta Testing]

Download Link[edit]

[MLPhotoAlbum Trial]

The plugin installs in a 30 day trial mode. Once you have decided to purchase it from [Tallus's shopping cart], just apply the software license you will receive from Tallus via email on purchase of the plugin. After the plugin is installed, the license is then applied to MLServer3's Software Registration Menu (in MLServer: Help/Manage License Keys) which you must then Activate to that PC by sending your purchased license, your MLServer's Hardware ID (found at bottom of the Registration Menu window) to: info(at) You will soon receive an Activation code via email that is applied to the Registration Menu which makes that plugin permenant to that PC.

You should perform the above within the 30 day trial period to enjoy uninterrupted usage of the plugin with no rework needed between trial and licensed useage. Please allow up to two days for Tallus processing time for your requests. Most requests are processed within a few hours.


MLServer 3.0.559 or newer

MainLobby3 client v 3.0.162 or newer

MLPhotoAlbum v 3.0.327 or newer


How to setup MLPhotoAlbum

1) Shutdown MLServer3

2) Install MLPhotoAlbum_Plugin to MLServer PC. This can optionally install MLMedia.mdb. This database is shared with at least the MLSageTV plugin. If you already have a copy, then you don't need to update it, unless a version updates the database tables (the release notes will advise when this is the case). If you don't have MLMedia.mdb on your system (you never installed either MLSageTV or MLPhotoAlbum on this PC), then choose to install it for the initial installation. Subsequent plugin updates likely will not require to update the database. You then won't have to reimport your content with subsequent plugin updates for feature or bug fixes.

3) Install MLPhotoAlbum_UI to MainLobby client PC (installs sample scenes)

4) Start MLServer3

5) Double click on MLPhotoAlbum in Plugins window

6) Click "Load Picture" button in Image List tab. Navigate to your Photo directory on a shared folder.

7) Once photos are loaded (can take several minutes depending on how many photos you have) you can drag a column name to the "Drag a Column Header Here to Group by that Column". You can then resort the list by that column. You can also drag a second column for a secondary sort. You can swap positions to swap the secondary sort to now be the primary.

8) Find photos and click on the ones you would like to put into a slideshow. Click the "Define SlideShow" button. This will move slides into the SlideShow tab. Once there, you can resort the slideshow list as you did the Image List view.

9) Click on the Settings Tab. Check the "Use Quick Variable Creation". This will bypass the MLServer Event processor when creating variables used. The advantage is that MLServer will be less burdened and faster response, but the disadvantage will be that you cannot use the Event Processor to detect a variable change.

You can change the Thumbnail sizing now, or keep the default settings that work with the provided scenes (recommended). You can add a new Alias name for the Thumbnail settings with new number of thumbs per page and Width / Height settings. Once you have determined your settings, you can click the Rebuild Images that will then build your Thumbnails in batch. This allows for much faster Thumbnail page updates on the MainLobby Client. Clicking the Update Clients button updates the view of the currently connected MainLobby clients.

You can now choose to add Directories for automated Import of new photos added to this configured directory. Click Add Directory. Browse to the directory of choice. Click OK. You can rename the Alias, or leave the default (recommended). To remove a directory, click on the leftmost button next to the directory and click the Remove Directory button.

10) Go back to the Slideshow tab. Make sure your selections are correct. You can drag the column header to the top to regroup the show. You can also click on a column header to sort by that column. Once the show is correctly setup, click the "Publish Slideshow" button. This will create your slideshow by placing them in the MLServer\Images\Photo directory. This can take a while if you have many pictures.

11) MainLobby Client Views:

Thumbnail View

Start MainLobby3 Client and navigate to the scene. You should now see your thumbnail pictures.

The default MLPhotoAlbum plugin settings are set so you can see a sample of viewing 12 photos at a time. This scenes settings are defined in the scenes' startup MLServeCmd. You would set the number of thumbs and the size of each thumnail in this MLServeCmd. These images are created when the scene loads to the MLServer\Images\Photo\Thumbnail directory. The plugin deletes these files when the client that originally requested them to be "built" disconnects from MLServer.

At the bottom of the Thumbnail scene, you can click on the Forward button and you should now see the next page of pictures. You can also click the rightmost arrow to go to the last page of the current collection.

Large Picture View

You can click on any picture thumbnail, and an overlay scene should soon show a larger image of that picture. This will navigate to the included 0019_photo_thumbs view.

On that larger picture, you can click on the + button (bottom left) to add this picture to a slideshow. The Minus deletes it from the slideshow. You can then click the Publish button to create your new / revised slideshow. Clicking again on the larger pic will return you to the Thumbnails where you can select another picture to add to a slideshow.

Album Select View

At the bottom of that scene, the oval button when clicked will switch to the scene. Here you can page through your photo library and add a directory(album) to view in your thumbnail view. Click the + sign or - sign to add or delete a particular album. Or, push the clear button to start from a clean slate. Once you have your albums chosen, click in the Filter list area and you will be taken to the thumbnails scene again to view your choices.

At the bottom of this scene, you can use the slider to filter your Albums by the first letter of the album. You can then add individual albums to the thumbnail view.

Slide Show View

On the left navigation pane (, click Slideshow. At the bottom of the scene, you can click the oval button to Start / Stop the currently configured slideshow. When "Slideshow No", you can also manually go forward / backwards through the slideshow.

FullScreen View

When you are on a particular photo of interest, you can click the photo to go to Fullscreen mode. If the Slideshow is "No", then this will be a full screen static photo. If you were to click the photo when the Slideshow is active, then you will be viewing a full screen moving slideshow. Once in fullscreen mode, again clicking the photo brings you back to non full screen mode so you can manage your home, or change slideshow options.

12) Use the included sample scenes as guidelines on how the plugin commands are used to build your customized scenes for your home or business!

To build a custom scene for MLPhotoAlbum

To display images on a MainLobby client scene:

Add an Image button and put this in the button's label field:



Configuring the MLPhotoAlbum Plugin

Load Pictures

Click this and then browse to the top folder of your Photo collection. This imports in your pictures path and picture EXIF metadata into the MLPhotoAlbum database (MLMedia.mdb). Note that it can take several minutes to import your pictures, dependent on how many you have. 3,000 pictures takes around 10 minutes (as a general idea).

Delete Photo

Click on a particular photo (or click / Shift Click to highlite a series of photos to delete) and click the Delete Photo button to delete those entries in the database. Note this does not delete the file from the directory.

Define SlideShow

Select the pictures you would like in a slide show and click Define Slideshow. You will then see that chosen set appear in the SlideShow tab.

Reorganize Database

This sets the first PhotoID to 1 and removes the blank non sequential areas of the database. Useful to clean up if you did a lot of photo editing (deleting photos). This is not something that one needs to do on a routine basis.

Compact Database

Shrinks the database to the minimum size required after much editing of your photo library. A maintenance procedure that should be done after major amounts of photo editing.

Supported MLServeCmds[edit]

Starts defined slide show with 3 seconds duration between slide changes

MLPhotoAlbum|start_slide_show~ht~width~duration in seconds

Starts defined slide show with 3 seconds duration between slide changes with pictures at 400x300 pixel size

Pauses a slide show that is in Play mode

Advances a slide show that is in Pause, to the prior displayed slide

Advances a slide show that is in Pause, to the next slide that would be displayed

where field1 = the output variables for thumbnail view seperated by ":"

reset the variable list to default





MLPhotoAlbum|GET_ALBUM_LIST~Items per Page~Page_No

MLPhotoAlbum|GET_PREV_ALBUM_PAGE~Currentpage~TotalPages~Items per page






so you can add from the large photo


Used after adding a picture file to a configured watch directory. ReImports the content in that folder into the MLMedia.mdb database.

Example of command to toggle slideshow on / off



GET_ALBUM_BY_LETTER~SearchLetter~Items per Page~Page_No





GET_NEXT_ALBUM_PAGE~Currentpage~TotalPages~Items per page

GET_PREV_ALBUM_PAGE~Currentpage~TotalPages~Items per page

GET_ALBUM_LIST~Items per Page~Page_No





















Supported MainLobby Server Variables[edit]


{{mlphotoalbum_{{client_name}}_photoid_1}} = photoID



{{clientname}}_Large_is_Landscape (equals 1 or 0)

Release Notes[edit]

Product Road map

- Phase 0: Proof of concept. - DONE

- Phase 1: Display slideshow in a MainLobby client - DONE

- Phase 2: View thumbnails of photos w/ navigation and filters - View is done, filters next

- Phase 3: Ability to Add a slideshow from client

- Phase 4: Add Media from client

3.0.33 - initial beta release


File:PhotoAlbum Home.jpg

New Feature Requests[edit]