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Tallus Android UPnP device Finder is a free Android application that will list the available UPnP devices on your Local Area Network. It does not provide any control over those UPnP devices...


- Android device with the OS 1.5 or newer
- Local Area Network with some UPnP devices...
- TAUF application.


- Thanks to Eric and Tash for the beta testing on a real Android device.
- Thanks to CyberGarage for the UPnP stack.
- Thanks to Joseph Wain for the icons for mobile apps.
- Thanks to Icons etc. for some of the Icons.

Release notes[edit]


Version 1.01

- Built against Android OS 4.0.
- Fix: The activity was restarted on device rotation.

Version 1.00

- Published on The Market.

Version 0.22

- Added ad mob.

Version 0.21

- Built against Android OS 3.1.
- Can install to the SD card.
- Various cosmetic changes.

Version 0.20

- Changed the color theme.

Version 0.10 - 0.19

- Moved the UPnP communication to a service...
- Cleaned up the information display.
- Added more information about the UPnP devices.
- Removed the tabs.
- Updated the XML parser.
- Parser changes.

Version 0.01 - 0.09

- Basic parsing.
- Basic UI.
- Proof of concept.